Roof waterproofing is essential in order to protect against leaks of any sort.  Any such unforeseen conditions or faults may cause the concrete to contract and expand, thereby deteriorating the state of the roof.

A wet roof surface is an ideal habitat for the growth of mold, which poses serious health hazards. If the water permeates your roof it might also cause rot and damage, which can spread to your ceilings and walls weakening the structure of the building.

Leakage can be internal or external so our leakage detection reports also include the root cause and recommendations to rectify the leakage. We do not rely solely on visual inspections but rather combine our decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide you a non-destructive and hassle-free inspection.

Our Scope of Work

  • Below Grade

  • Air Barriers

  • Curtain Wall Caulking

  • Expansion Joints

Quality Work


Roof waterproofing if not done right can cause irreversible leakage damage that is expensive to repair. We understand your concerns and pay attention to every little detail so you can be assured that the quality of our work will be unparalleled.