A home is a considerable investment, but it may lose its value with time unless you maintain it properly. The main area that deteriorates and lowers the value of your home is the roof. In South Florida, your roof is exposed to harsh humid weather day in, day out. This can make your roof old and worn out. Besides, it is not aesthetically appealing and will definitely not impress potential buyers in case you decide to sell it.

Regular maintenance ensures your roof lasts for years. Though at some point, you may have to replace the roof, you save money by increasing its durability. This is also one of the fastest ways to increase the value of your home.

Give your roof a fresh look

Restoring the roof is the ultimate way to give your home a facelift. It also ensures your home’s roof lasts for many years. You can always bring back the former beauty of your home without spending a fortune, unlike a replacement, which is quite expensive. Engage a professional roofer so that you know when an entire roof replacement is required.

How long does roof restoration take?

How long a roof restoration project takes depends on the age, the roof’s condition, and type. An experienced roofer will take you step by step and develop a plan that fits your budget. They also let you know how much time they need to finish the work. If you want to replace a tiled roof, you have to follow a six steps process. They include:

  1. Remove cracked and broken tiles and replace them
  2. Use pressure washing to clean off the oxidized coating, mold, and any other dirt
  3. Apply a quality mold treatment and ensure mold doesn’t form again
  4. Re-point the tiles to prevent loose ridge caps
  5. Apply a sealer or primer to prevent water penetration into the tiles
  6. Use a special acrylic membrane with the help of a professional roofer to ensure you use a color that suits your roof. Apply two or three coats, and your roof will look as good as new.

Why You Should Restore Your Roof?

After going through the steps above, your roof will look beautiful again. It will also add value to your home and ensure you are safe throughout the different seasons of the year. An exhausted roof cannot withstand storms and rains without putting your family at risk. Besides that, your house will stand out in your neighborhood.

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